Shanghai International Exhibition of Clothing Technological 
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April 20-22. 2018        Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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Exhibition Profile

1、Exhibition Background

2017 Shanghai International Exhibition of Clothing Technological& Embroidery Equipment is hosted by the Textile & Garment Chamber of Commerce, All-China Association of Industry & Commerce - Sewing Equipment Circulation Association of Textile & Garment Chamber of Commerce, LiSo Group Holding Limited.

The exhibition hall is about 30,000 square meters, with more than 1500 special booths. Invited more than 500 various types of enterprises from China and abroad, which accounted for 75% of domestic exhibitors and brand corporations, overseas exhibitors and brand corporations accounted for 25%. The exhibition is expected to invite more than 30,000 domestic audiences and the overseas audience accounts for more than 10% of the total visitors.

2、Clothing Brand Audiences 

2017 Shanghai International Clothing Technological and Embroidery Equipment Exhibition will strive to create efficient and seamless international platform for clothing technology equipment and clothing brand enterprises; to promote clothing industry to achieve industrial upgrading as the exhibition mission. The past few exhibitions has successful achieved many connections for clothing brand enterprises, distributors, agents and equipment suppliers, the industry responded enthusiastically, some well-known clothing brand enterprises participated in the past exhibitions such as Bosideng, YOUNGOR, NIKE, H&M, Jiangsu red bean, South Korea UNICORN, Lee Lang, Jiangsu sunshine, Sinoer, Shanshan, Romon, Angelo, Qipai, Erdos, Pei Romon, Rimula men's clothing, Semir and Septwolves, men's Motom taizilong, YISHION, and other end enterprises and retailers from 15 countries around the world. 

                                                                                     Composition of visitors

3、Exhibition Features

  • Linkage of upstream and downstream - realize the connection between textile and garment equipment enterprises and clothing brand enterprises, to build the platform for the whole industry chain.
  • Upgrading - clothing manufacturing transition to “wisdom” made clothing, to achieve the automation, intellectualization, informatization of the textile and garment production.
  • China’s first professional platform for customized clothing equipment.

4、Exhibition Events

Conference: The Development Trend of Intelligent Manufacturing in Apparel Industry

                     Innovation of the Embroidery industry and end - user's integration development

5、Price List

Exhibition Price

AD Price

6、Promotion Channel

1. Wedia (We Media): With official website of the expo as the main window to release information, and with weibo, micro letter, catalogue and fair message to increase the communication channels, to timely and dynamically deliver messages of the exhibition and to give full play to the co-promotion advantage of the self-owned media.

2. Professional Media:  in-depth cooperation with more than 300 professional journals, websites and newspapers home and abroad, to conduct communication campaigns targeting at professional audiences; and through at least 20 B2B websites of  professional clothing to make publicities to attract attention of professional audiences.

3. Marketing through Meetings and Events:  by organizing multiple forms of meetings, activities, BBS before and after the exhibition, to attract attention, participation and interaction of the intention client. 

4. Invitations and Tickets:  widely delivers the invitation letters and tickets to the target customer base.


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