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"Qianjiang tailor" continued to heat

As the birthplace of the "tailor town", the textile and garments have been the traditional advantages of Qianjiang City and the important livelihood of the people, in the economic and social development of Qianjiang City has an irreplaceable role.
 "Twelve Five" period, Qianjiang textile and garment industry development scale continued to expand, the total output of textile and garment industry, storage tax to achieve an average annual growth of more than 20%, forming a "cotton acquisition - ginning - spinning - Clothing production "of the industrial chain layout. At the same time, investment projects grew rapidly, greatly enhance the Qianjiang City textile and garment industry development level.
 Adhering to the historical connotation of "Chu service culture" and combining with the existing advantages of "Qianjiang tailor", the concept of "Internet +", "innovation, public entrepreneurship" and urbanization strategy runs through the development of Qianjiang textile and garment industry Always. Thus, in the water garden as the ecological base to double the development of new energy for the creative science and technology city planning, textile and garment industry doing my part to occupy an important position.
 According to reports, the textile and garment industry area covers an area of 134.4 hectares, the project is completed, the construction area will reach 2.15 million square meters. Function mainly by the large garment enterprises, small and medium-sized garment enterprises, logistics centers, trading centers and other components. Industry investment around the textile and garment industry extension extension, the main focus on casual wear industry. Focusing on the introduction of pure, Semir, Smith Barney, Jeanswest and other well-known casual clothing apparel enterprises, take the creative, refined, brand, high-quality, high-tech, fashion, fashion, personalized development of the road; strengthen product design R & D, brand building, Channel network construction, to seize the casual wear industry value chain of high-end. The introduction of Qingdao red collar and other well-known clothing customization enterprises, in the development of high-end clothing and clothing customization of the road.
 At present, the park is planning to plan, waiting for the land formation. "Now we have signed an agreement with Italy there are two, one is the East Star Star clothing production projects, there is a pure, Semir do down delivery of the project, in addition to these two projects, there are more than 10 are "Zhang Fenfang, deputy secretary of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that the project investment, to do a good job of key projects to promote the implementation and talk about the project tracking management, increase the" go out, please come "efforts to strengthen and Qianjiang entrepreneurs and business contacts outside the communication and communication.
 "We will focus on key areas, grasp the opportunity to transfer the industry, focusing on the development of domestic textile and garment areas, coastal and Beijing industry, the focus of the transfer of enterprises, launched a national investment initiative to capture a variety of investment information for the project settled in Qianjiang. "Zhang Fenfang said.
 Adhering to the brand core fashion leading, personal custom personality experience, production and marketing to promote the development of modular space flexible concept, high-end textile and garment industry will eventually become a major highlight of the new city construction. The following are the same as the "

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