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【Industry information】Development Prospect of Sewing Equipment Industry in China in the Coming 5Ys

In the next five years, China's sewing machinery industry will fully implementChina Sewing Machinery Industry“thirteen five "development plan,to speed up structural adjustment, industrial upgrading, it is the crucial period of change the mode of economic development. The economic globalization, China's industrialization and urbanization, expanding domestic demand development strategy and consumption upgrades, garment industry transformation and upgrading will be the major opportunities for the adjustment, upgrading and development of the industry.

 Industry Outlook 

During the "Thirteen Five" period, the international financial crisis will still exist in a long period of time , the economic downturn will become the world's new normal. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution is ready to go, mobile Internet, Internet 3D printing, intelligent manufacturing and other fields may have a wide range of technological progress and industrial shape changes, the traditional industry will usher in a major opportunity to achieve a comprehensive transformation and upgrading. 

The "Thirteen Five" is also the final spurt of the realization of a well-off society in China. The national economy has entered a new normal state of "high-speed, excellent structure, new impetus and more challenges". The long-term good fundamentals of the national economic development have not changed. Toughness, adequate, enough space for manoeuver has not changed the basic characteristics of a good support for sustained economic growth base and conditions have not changed, economic restructuring and optimization of the forward momentum has not changed, the momentum of new momentum is accelerating, China is still in the promising important strategic opportunity period.

During the "Thirteen Five" period, the world sewing machinery industry development pattern is undergoing reshuffle, industrial patterns and development models are facing a major adjustment. Sewing machinery enterprises from Europe, the United States and other countries will use their technology and brand advantages, adhere to high-end market, take the road of international brand management, to maintain industrial advantages. Japan sewing machinery industry will speed up the internationalization of the industry layout and integration of resources, speed up the transfer of low-end products to the lower cost countries in Southeast Asian while consolidate the advantages of high-end market, to compete China's sewing machinery industry, China's sewing machinery industry is facing the challenges from Europe, Japan, outheast Asia and other developed countries. However, China's sewing machinery industry manufacturing status has not changed, the pace of innovation and upgrading to speed up the intelligent lead and achieve overtaking curve, manufacturing capacity and production efficiency increased significantly, domestic and foreign sewing equipment market volume and consumption potential is still huge, the industry is facing Important Development Opportunities.

 Mainly reflected in the following three aspects:   

Firstly, the market opportunities from the restructuring of downstream industry and consumption upgrade. The rapid extension of industry applications to the aerospace, industrial textiles and other downstream areas, the downstream industry restructuring and upgrading of sewing equipment will increase the demand  on grade, function and quality, greatly stimulate the sewing machinery industry supply side reform momentum , "increase variety, mention quality, create a brand," the in-depth implementation of the strategy will accelerate the industry to open a new round of development cycle.

Secondly, a new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry to try to integrate the development opportunities. Industry will accelerate the integration of the two, fully open a new era of intelligence, "intelligent", personalized drive industry will become a new dividend growth, will further stimulate and create demand, open up new space for development.

Thirdly, the release of development dividends from national industrial policy, institutional reform. Such as the State Council promulgated the "Made in China 2025", to speed up the supply side of the structural reform of views, and the "sub-industry policy" applied to 10 industire such as  light industry, iron and steel industry, will provide a strong policy support for the innovation and upgrading of all industries.

To sum up, the "13th Five-Year Plan" is a critical period to lay a new pattern of development of the industry, to build new business strength, open up new blue ocean, build a new industry advantage, to achievethe the goal of the country, facing greater opportunities than challenges.

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