Shanghai International Exhibition of Clothing Technological 
& Embroidery Equipment

April 20-22. 2018        Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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Promotion Channels

1. Wedia (We Media): With official website of the expo as the main window to release information, and with weibo, micro letter, catalogue and fair message to increase the communication channels, to timely and dynamically deliver messages of the exhibition and to give full play to the co-promotion advantage of the self-owned media.

2. Professional Media:  in-depth cooperation with more than 150 professional journals, websites and newspapers home and abroad, to conduct communication campaigns targeting at professional audiences; and, through at least 20 B2B websites of  professional clothing to make publicities to attract attention of professional audiences.

3. Marketing through Meetings and Events:  by organizing multiple forms of meetings, activities, BBS before and after the exhibition, to attract attention, participation and interaction of the intention client. 

4. Invitations and Tickets:  widely delivers the invitation letters and tickets to the target customer base.

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